What´s new

Collectz = Orna (Collectz version 2)

We upgraded to Lens V2 and completely rebuild Collectz. In the progress we gave it a fresh makeover and set the base to make Orna your web 3 NFT hub.

New things we added:

  • More chains. We support Ethereum, Polygon, Base, Arbitrum and Optimism now
  • Communities section
  • Clean galleries. Highlight your art and just your art
  • Combined search for people, collects, communities and NFT collections (mutlichain)
  • Notification drawer. One place for all things new from incoming Collects, people you follow and your notifications
  • In app notifications. Don´t miss a beat and increase your response times and interactions
  • Easy collecting and adding funds to your wallet with Stripe and other options

Things we improved:
  • Complete site design and UX
  • Managing galleries and gallery options
  • Your settings
  • Chain collections and communities
  • Communities
  • Direct messaging
  • Cross chain NFTs you own

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