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With Orna you create and manage your NFTs or Collects for Lens Protocol.
To login just hit the Connect button in the top right corner. You can login with your Wallet extension or via WalletConnect for Mobile or PC/MAC. Even if you don't have a Lens profile you can still Collect Lens NFTs.

Why should you do this?

Because the combination of services we offer will set you on the path to the future of NFTs and Web3 services.

✅ Cross chain Ethereum to Lens communities
✅ Good looking Creator Zone with all your collects and nfts
✅ Customize your easy to use Zone with galleries
✅ Custom galleries with direct shareable links
✅ Free 3D Gallery
✅ Anonymous wallet or Lens profile Collect support
✅ Desktop and Mobile Wallets supported
✅ Easy creation of a Collect with support for Audio, Video, Images, 3D or Spatial
✅ Easy to find new, top, trending, created or collected collects by users
✅ Global and per creator/collector collect stats

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Join us as we pave the way to the future of NFTs and Web3 services with Collectz. Check the explainer video below to learn more about Orna and Lens Protocol.

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